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Our whole fertility story from start to finish is long so I won't drag on with the details but I will attempt to be brief and share our history about the journey.

I had some undiagnosed chronic pain for about a year. We literally had zero idea where it was coming from after seeing many different doctors. I started to feel crazy and gave up on answers. We then started to try and have our first child, after 9 months we got pregnant then miscarried. We kept trying and another 8 months went by and we were still not pregnant. We started to do some minimal testing. We were then sent to a specialist in Utah (currently in Idaho at the time) after having my fallopian tubes flushes I was scheduled for exploratory surgery to find the cause of my chronic pain and fertility issues. As I was about to be wheeled back into the operating room the nurse ran in and announced I was pregnant. I thought maybe it was a sick joke. But she was serious and my husband and I both burst into tears. Since I was pregnant I had to stop taking my pain meds for my chronic pain and also had to quit my job to rest because the pain was so intense. Healthy baby girl born Dec. 2013

Dec. 2014 - we decided we better start trying for baby number two since we knew it was possible it could take us awhile. I met with my specialist before we started and amazingly got pregnant without help, then miscarried at 4 weeks 2 days. We tried again for a couple months, chronic pain getting much worse with each week. Did some fertility treatments and I was 100% sure I was pregnant but after 11 tests were all negative I finally decided my symptoms were from me being C R A Z Y! Which my husband reminds me is true! So we scheduled another surgery to find out what this terrible pain was, had a pre-op appointment did an ultrasound/blood work ect. 

My doctor called me to cancel the surgery and announce I was pregnant. I bawled my face off and then explained something must be wrong because we just did an ultrasound and saw no baby and I should be 6.5 weeks by now. He told me I probably mis-calculated. 5 AM the next morning he calls me and my husband 6 times and texts us. (Such an amazing doctor!) He says "come to my office right away don't eat or drink". I was indeed 6.5 weeks pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. I was rushed to the ER that morning to have a very extensive surgery where I was diagnosed with stage 3/4 endometriosis (my chronic pain for years!), polyps, and golf ball cysts. 

After that surgery there had been a micro flec of placenta left in my fallopian tube and the placenta continued to grow, and fast. So they started giving me shots of chemo to kill the placenta. These shots made my stomach hurt, eating hurt, my body hurt, my mouth had blisters, I was exhausted and in pain still recovering from surgery. I seriously don't know how cancer patients do that for years. It breaks my heart! After two weeks of this one morning I woke up screaming in pain, we rushed in to see my doctor and again rushed to the ER where they removed my bursting infected placenta filled fallopian tube. So this now cuts my chances of natural pregnancy in half.

We had to wait 3 months for the chemo to leave my system and then we did another round of fertility treatments and got pregnant again. It felt so real. I felt sick, I felt everything a pregnant person should feel until week 6 and 2 days when I started to feel not pregnant. We had already announced to the world because I was so determined this baby would actually be ours here on earth. But at 6.5 weeks we found out the baby had stopped growing and died. At 8 weeks I had a D&C to surgically remove the pregnancy.

Where do we stand now? Endometriosis, one fallopian tube, polyps, and cysts. 5 pregnancies and only 1 baby. We feel devastated to be honest! We have done every test under the sun and spent thousands of dollars trying to get a healthy pregnancy. So we are saving up again, and for now we are enjoying our miracle baby and praying that one day we can have a big family like we always dreamed. 

Update: We have done 5 rounds of injections with IUI when we had viable eggs, however we have not been able to get pregnant for a year now (two years total with 3 failed pregnancies the fist year) and our doctor is suggesting IVF/ICSI/PGS which is a $23,000 procedure to help us get our miracle baby!

We started IVF in January 2017, I never realized how many doctor appointments were involved. Some week I would go every other day and sometimes DAILY! It was a very exhausting process emotionally and physically with nightly injections. But we were able to retrieve 7 mature eggs, 6 were fertilized with ICSI (a special fertilizing process), out of those we had 5 make the 5 day grow. They were sent to do PGS testing to make sure they were chromosomal normal. Only 2 came back normal. 

February we transferred one little embryo. It was one of the most amazing experiences!! Watching this tiny little embryo hatching under a microscope. Then sucked up, and transferred right into my uterus and we watched the whole things on a big television screen and Ultrasound. The next 2 days I felt the very distinct pains of implantation and new I was pregnant, a few day later I pee'd on a stick (then 6 more) and confirmed that I was pregnant. A week later I got my blood drawn and my nurse called saying it didn't look great she wants to see my levels higher but we would come back in next week to double check. Monday we went in for another blood draw and got the terrifying news that our baby had stopped growing and my levels were rapidly dropping. I stopped all meds, and by Wednesday I was miscarrying at home. There was a lot more details to all of this and so much emotional connection to our sweet little girl that I got to carry till 5 weeks. This was my 6th pregnancy and 5th miscarriage. My doctors have run every test they can possibly thing of so I am starting to work with a reproductive immunologist in California since they are wondering if I have a autoimmune disease. So we are at a loss, but we are not yet ready to give up!! I know we have another baby to join our family, maybe adoption but we want to give 12 more months to IVF and see where that takes us.

It's become our mission to help other families going through this heart wrenching journey. Help them financially but help their hearts, share their stories and help women feel less alone. Most people would never be so public about such a topic, but I just want people to know they are not alone! There is H O P E !

This photo is very outdated but one of my favourites!